is-this-all-there-is2Does your life feel like this? Well, it doesn’t have to, any more.

I teach you how to create the path that you NEED, so you can live the life that you WANT.

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What’s in it for YOU?

I’m Heather Skomp, and after many years of being bored, unmotivated and feeling like my life had no meaning, I finally broke free to live anywhere I want, doing exactly what I like. All. The. Time. Now, I’m here to help you discover creative ways to increase passion in your life. If you dream of a life of freedom, adventure and fulfillment, together, we will come up with ideas and strategies to get rid of the crap clogging up your life, so you have more time, energy and resources to build a life you can brag about.

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Destination: Paradise

What people are saying:

Heather is such a practical, action-oriented person, yet she is funny and wise too. She makes you feel like anything is possible, rather than that you’re stupid for not getting it done before now.
Karen W.Sun City, CA

Oh, but there is more…

So. What do you REALLY DESIRE to be doing with your life? And, why aren’t you doing it, RIGHT NOW?

(I’ll tell you a secret… it isn’t money)