I’m writing a new post! I’m writing a new post!!!

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I’m so sorry for such the looooooong delay in writing! I have been so busy over the last 37 days and having so much fun I just haven’t been able to sit for long enough to write the kind of post I know you’re all longing for. HOWEVER. I do have one nearly done, and the drawings are next on the agenda. I will be with you again soon!! Lots to tell you!!




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  1. Nice to hear from you, thought the South ate you up? Today in Rockford we get 3′ of snow dumped on us. Just when I thought I could put my winter gear away. S.illy me, we know its not over until the fat lady sings. I have a new old hobby. Rebuilding old cars, and making them fast, Oh well there goes my camping money. No I’ll be out there somewhere, when the weather breaks. Can’t wait. Be safe and I’ll see you soon. Bob

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