Hello, I’m Heather, and I’m the artist, writer, and developer of this here website. I started this site in 2014 when I broke free from my “normal” life to live on the road in an RV full-time, and to tell stories about the trials and tribulations of my mobile existence.

I stopped living in an RV after seven months because it was insane. But people liked the stories, so I continue to write. Except now, I write about anything I feel like, because it’s fun, and apparently some of the stuff I talk about actually helps people. Go figure.

So what’s the point of this site anyway?

Well smarty, the point of this site is to entertain, enlighten, and inspire. At the very least, my goal is to alleviate people’s boredom while they slog through the drudgery of an ordinary life. At best, my goal is to inspire and support people to break the shackles of that ordinary life, and to do something amazing instead .

So what do you say when people ask you what you do for a living?

I tell them I write funny stories, draw silly cartoons, build websites, and help people solve problems.

Wait… that sounds boring.

All right, the truth is, I binge-watch my favorite shows (70s and 80s television rules – no one today holds a candle to Jim Rockford or Steve Austin) and haul around the country in my RV, while writing amusing accounts of my life inspired by the absurd stuff that crosses my path. I invent creative solutions to life’s annoying problems and share them with the world. I also build websites for a select group of people because I love doing it. Occasionally I offer personal coaching for the same reason. The reality is, the more fun people have and the more motivation they get, the more love they give back. That’s what I do for a living.

Are you rich? Is that how you can do this without a job?

No, I’m not rich in the traditional sense. Not yet, anyway. šŸ˜‰ But when I had a “regular job”, I was poor in every sense of the word. I was in debt, I was bored, I was frustrated, and I was miserable. I had to make some sacrifices when I decided to change my life and do what I love. But what most people don’t realize is that they make sacrifices too when they don’t do what they love; in my case, it was my sanity, my freedom and my financial health (ironically). How your life plays out is really just a question of which sacrifices you’re willing to make.

Are you successful?

It depends on how you define success. If you define it by how much money I make, then I’m doing okay. If you define it by how happy I am, then I’m doing better than most. If you define it by how people respond to my work, or how free I am, then I’m a frickin’ bazillionaire.

What about all the dirty secrets?

  • I eat weird food. I like Brussels sprouts and beets, and jalapeno sandwiches. And, I like to cure my own raw salmon to make lox. OMG it’s better than anything I’ve ever eaten at a sushi bar.
  • I love Christmas. It’s totally my favorite time of year. I love the decorations, the campy boy-band renditions of classic carols, the terrible sweaters, the cookies, the lights, the neighbors all out-doing each other for the trashiest displays, the hokey TV specials… it’s just heaven. I don’t do Black Friday or even presents anymore, but I love the spirit of the holidays. There’s just no better time to remember goodwill to all men… especially ones made of snow.
  • The worst job I ever had was working for a men’s hair restoration place, selling… hair.
  • I got fired from the job selling hair.
  • I went to an all-girls boarding school in England, where I learned how to swear better than any sailor on the high seas. My British mother is eternally proud.
  • In spite of the swearing crimes, one of my greatest pet peeves is watching someone who can’t use a knife and fork properly.
  • I used to make all my own prom dresses. There was a time I wanted my degree to be in fashion merchandising, but then Esprit went out of style. I was a broken woman.
  • Sometimes I think I should have been a lawyer. I think a hot debate is… hot. And, I’m pretty sure I’d meet a lot more men that way.
  • All the tvs in my house are older than 20 years old. That doesn’t mean I can’t watch all the Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and any other channel I can squeeze into my 24 hours of daily life. I can. I do. Technology is awesome. Especially when you don’t have to keep replacing it.
  • Obviously, I like to draw. Even if it’s just silly stick-figure cartoons.
  • I’m living proof that you can create a great life and a great living just being yourself (and quite frankly, so is Lady Gaga). It’s never too late to let your inner-weirdo out, and charm the world!