Is it time to move forward into your new life?


So you’ve spent months (if you’ve been working with me) or maybe even years (if you haven’t been working with me), figuring out what you’re going to do with your life, how you want it to look, who you want to work with, what you want to do, how you’re going to support yourself doing it, and creating the means to do it. Wow!



You certainly don’t want to mess it up now.

Sadly, a lot of times, people get to this stage and stall out. They have a desire for freedom, build on it, generate great ideas, identify markets, create products, build a website, and maybe even get a few sales.

But it never quite takes off.

Why is that?

New lifestyles often don’t get off the ground because we haven’t fully committed to the change. We have one foot in our new lives and one foot still hanging in the old one. We keep telling ourselves that if we just do this, or just have that happen, we’ll finally take the leap and move fully forward into the new lives of our creation.

And yet… we don’t.

The main reason people don’t take this last step is because they have not put into place the structures necessary to maintain their new lifestyle. They think either they can just wing it, or magically structures will build themselves around them as they continue doing what they’re doing.

Envisioning the new lifestyle and living it are two very different things!

The last thing you want to happen, after you’ve done all that work to plan your new life, design your perfect work, and build your new income structure, is to find you forgot something really important that could seriously impact your happiness in paradise once you get there.



It’s time to put both feet in your new life. Are YOU ready?


Introducing… Packing to Go

A three-month, private course on wrapping up all the details so your transition into your new lifestyle is as smooth as possible. Whether you’re moving into total entrepreneurship, or just setting up your life to accommodate a new way of operation, there are certain things that you need to know – things you need to remember to do – to make sure your passage to your paradise goes without a hitch.


What you will learn in the next three months:

First month:


One of the biggest reasons we don’t move completely into the lives of our dreams is because we don’t want to disrupt our others who will be affected by the change (or deal with the fallout!). This month is all about preparing yourself and your people for what is about to happen.

  • talking to friends and family and preparing them for the changes to their lives and what to expect
  • the importance of setting the DATE!
  • writing the resignation letter and getting references
  • getting yourself emotionally ready for a completely new daily life
Second month:


Since this course has to do with starting some kind of new business (whether full time or part time), there is certain information you are going to need to know that you may have never considered before. Things like:

  • setting up your business legally
  • getting ready to do your taxes much differently
  • plans for making up for what you are losing in corporate benefits – paid time off/healthcare/tax sheltered savings plan
  • insurance/licenses/permits if needed
  • keeping your accounts
Third month:


You also need to make sure you have support structures in place so that once you transition to your new lifestyle, it doesn’t all fall apart because you now have so much more free time on your hands. I have personally found that now that I don’t have to report to a job at a certain time every day and follow all their scheduled rules, I have to be quite disciplined in my own time management and scheduling just to make sure I get the things done that I want/need to get done. So in this month you will:

  • set a reasonable schedule of “things to do”
  • plan times of day that are “work times” and times that you can be interrupted by non-work issues
  • organize a circle of people who support what you are doing and will be there when you need them
  • create ways to remain aware of your priorities so that you don’t end up off track

What do you get during these three months?

  • personal research conducted by me based on the information that we uncover, that will result in tools and resources you will receive to help you move forward on your goals
  • 6 private, one on one coaching sessions with me (2 sessions per month)
  • email support as needed
  • 6 PDF workbooks with exercises
  • surprise personalized gifts throughout the course!

So what happens next?

In order to make sure this course is for you, and that we are a good fit together, we will have a short introductory Skype call to go over the details. If you decide the program is not a fit for you, then there is no obligation to you, no questions asked.

This three-month course is one on one, meaning you’re the only person in the class. You have my undivided attention during this time. Therefore, the investment for this course is


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Get ready, you’re almost there!