Is it time to start creating your new life?

I know you want a better life than this. I mean, life may not be terrible I’m sure, but you know it could be better. Otherwise, dammit, you wouldn’t be here. I’m sure while you’re sitting in your cube, or in your car, or in the courtroom, or in the sewer, there are times when you stop what you’re doing for a moment and say to yourself


And then you start daydreaming of all the things you would be doing if you weren’t sitting… there. Probably travel to exotic places a lot more than you do now, maybe write a book, maybe READ a book, possibly go skydiving, go to the horse races, learn a new language, do something that serves others in some way…

Well people, today the rubber meets the road.

Or rather, the pen meets the paper. It’s time to start putting together a plan to make those dreams happen. You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know the directions, and in order to find those out unless you’re a man you’re going to want a map.


How could your life change, if you knew where you wanted to go and how to get there?

Introducing… Planning the Dream

A three-month, private course to crystallize your dream life. Knowledge is power, but it’s even more potent if it’s out of your head and in front of your face. This class is an intense planning and visualization process that will show you how to make your strongest desires about your life

become your reality.


What you will learn during the next three months:

First month:


You can’t create your ideal life if you don’t know what it is. Otherwise, it just creates itself by default, and that’s what landed you in this stank in the first place. Now is your opportunity to grow your own sweet-smelling life. You’ll do that by getting very, very clear. And lemme tell ya… it’s really fun! In this month you will:

  • get clarity on exactly what your ideal lifestyle looks like
  • find out what you really need and want to be happy
  • discover who is important to include in your life and who isn’t
  • learn what pleasures are vital to celebrate instead of feel guilty about
Second month:


How you spend your days is no joke. We didn’t come to this life to be bored, underutilized, overwhelmed and drained to the point of becoming a zombie. We came here to create, to inspire, to invigorate, to have adventure, to experience all kinds of love, and hopefully, to leave a legacy. In order to make the most of your time here, you need to spend it doing things that bring out the very best YOU. In order to do that, you need to know what those things are. So in this month, you will decide:

  • what kinds of activities are critical to your every day pleasure
  • the skills and knowledge you have now that will be crucial to creating your ideal life
  • what lucrative gifts you have that you are currently unaware of
  • what talents you would like to cultivate and regularly include in your ideal life
Third month:


Believe it or not, you HAVE enough money to get the life you want. It’s all about channeling it towards your dreams, rather than towards stupid shit. We waste so much of our hard-earned money compensating for our crap lives, that we don’t realize how much we let leak away. You’re not going to do that anymore. So in this month you will discover:

  • how much money you have now to build your new life
  • how much money you need to live your new life
  • what money you’re wasting that could be better used to support your new life
  • how to make the money you have work for you in smarter and more lucrative ways

What do you get during these three months?

  • personal research conducted by me based on the information that we uncover, that will result in tools and resources you will receive to help you move forward on your goals
  • 6 private, one on one coaching sessions with me (2 sessions per month)
  • email support as needed
  • 6 PDF workbooks that will include detailed, specific questions and exercises that will help you get very clear on:
    • what you want your ideal life to look like
    • how you want to spend your work time and your play time
    • your financial situation so you can arrange it with the intention of being able to support your ideal life, NOW
  • surprise personalized gifts throughout the course!
Whether right now you have a million ideas on your ideal lifestyle, or have no clue at all, by the end of this course you will have absolute clarity on where you want to go and the next steps to take to get there.

So what happens next?

In order to make sure this course is for you, and that we are a good fit together, we will have a short introductory Skype call to go over the details. If you decide the program is not a fit for you, then there is no obligation to you, no questions asked.

This three-month course is one on one, meaning you’re the only person in the class. You have my undivided attention during this time.

It’s all about you, baby. No one else.

Therefore, the investment for this course is


Get excited! We’re going to be focusing on YOU for three months! To move forward, please book your intro session by clicking below:

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Welcome to the beginning of your amazing life!