Life is full of annoying crap. The 1% apparently hoarding all the cash, irritating people, lack of skills/knowledge/awareness/a brain, unfortunate events – all appear to get in the way of living your soul path, and/or manifesting fulfillment. Some are small and ridiculous (e.g. am I really having to pay for the same Michael Jackson song four times because technology keeps changing formats?? Find out how to get around that here), but some are large and can seem so impossible to surmount that we mere mortals are often tempted to give up on our greatest dreams.

Welcome to Life, Accomplished! My favorite thing in the world is collecting information and tools, understanding them and making them work for me, and then dispersing all of that delicious goodness to other people so that they can build meaningful and fulfilling lives for themselves. That’s what this site is all about.

So if you’re fed up with being stymied by idiocracy, then here are some of my favorite insights, resources and tools that will help you get on your way:

The Two things that are preventing you from living the life you want.
Bored and miserable? GOOD.

Attracting Pleasurable Relationships:

Think you’re an awesome person? Well, if you’re engaging in these behaviors, I assure you, most people think you’re a dick.
6 Reasons why people aren’t buying what you’re selling
Finding your ideal lifestyle – why settling never works

Building an Online Business:

Why you’ll never be truly free if you keep working for other people.
6 Things that will help your online business that you may not have known about.
6 Things anyone who wants to own a website should know

Creating Financial Abundance:

Why losing everything can make you rich.
How to pay off credit card debt by making only the minimum payments
You’ll never be free if you keep spending your money on stupid shit.