The Manifesto

flippingbirdWhen I wake up in the morning, the very first thought in my mind is “Ahhhhh, what shall I do today? I can do anything I feel like. I think I might “

And after that, I think “Mmmm, I wonder who wrote me today? What exciting things are in store for me and my clients today?”

My heart glows when I look at my dog George fantasize about my ideal man think about all the exciting adventures that are coming up in my life and all the amazeballs (yes, I said it) people I’m going to meet over the next year and beyond, and my heart breaks when George isn’t feeling well my fantasy man farts okay I actually laugh at the last one people give up on their dreams. My heart also gets really pissed when people make excuses for not pursing their dreams, but that’s another soapbox moment altogether.

best-clients-everMy customers are my favorite people (except for my fantasy man and George) because they are my friends. They are cool, fun, excited about life, hysterically funny, interested in learning, loving, and making the best life they know they are capable of. They’re just the B.E.S.T. people on earth. They have good hearts and strong constitutions. And they’re mine mine mine! More than anything else, I care about helping them to see past their self-imposed limitations, get them sexy excited about their lives, give them the courage and support and total P90X-strength backup for them to achieve whatever dream they have.

In my world, freedom is an absolute necessity. And feeling sexy and gorgeous and fantastic. And George. And my fantasy man. And smoked salmon and avocado and mayo. And hot chocolate. And my RV. And love. God… the list is endless.

Bringing George Having sex Yelling about a stubbed toe injustice is always a fabulous idea. If nothing else, it just feels really good to yell sometimes.

Having a steady paycheck is WAY overrated and having bad sex a “job” is a definite NO. At least, not anymore!

Fantasizing about my ideal man/a great massage/fluffy bathrobes/a hot bubble bath/eating all the ice cream-lattes-Cadbury’s Creme Eggs-garlic pasta with butter you want without getting fat/traveling first class all the way, all the time is totally reasonable.

Striving for whatever you want, and to be the best you you can be is a must.

But at the end of the day, a warm bed, a fluffy dog, a couple of fuzzy cats, a hot man’s bod, love and comfort is all that matters. And some good whiskey.whiskey

When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who touched others’ lives by making them laugh, see things from different perspectives, let go of their fears, feel more confident and safe all on their own and who inspired others to GET WHAT THEY WANT.