How do you get to your people in paradise?

You know what you want to do in paradise. You’re ready to make the move. You’re busting at the seams with excitement to get there, and you’re so close you can smell it. You can see the scenery just around the corner! You can hear your fans! You’re at the door, you’re about to walk through… but…. you can’t.

You don’t have a passport. And you can’t go through without one.


In order to be able to do what you want, when you want, you have to break the shackles of other people’s control. One of the ways to do this is by having a business online (I’m sure you have figured this out already). It is inexpensive and relatively easy to get started…

If you know what you’re doing.

If you don’t, it can be downright HORRIBLE. gagging

And who wants that? You’ve come sooo far with figuring out your ideal lifestyle, what you want to do, who you want around you, and what gift(s) you want to share with the world. You even came up with a killer product offering! OMG.

So the last thing you need right now is an annoying roadblock – like hating the idea of effectively getting your message out to everyone – stopping you from blazing forward on your dreams.

I know, I know, I can understand if the thought of creating an online presence makes you want to puke. Getting an effective business online, and doing it right, is not a simple process. Technology can be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Coming up with content can be laborious if you don’t have any inspiration. Marketing can feel dirrrty, if you can’t feel the pulse of your clients.

Let’s make sure you get it right the first time.

As someone who has been building websites for over 20 years, the worst thing you can do for your fledgling money-maker is to have an ugly website out there and not even know it. It pains me every time I see a so obviously home-grown site out there. Oh God, …it’s really bad. I think I just threw up a little…


SO. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, I’ve created a course to help you build a professional website, that people won’t laugh at behind your back. This course is all about getting a well-designed website online and running, with engaging and alluring content that your fans will be panting to see, as well as creating an exciting and totally NOT sleazy marketing plan to let the entire world know about it. Whoo hoo!

And, for those of you who might doubt my veracity, I assure you ALL of it will be fun. And not so technical and over your heads that you want to strangle me. I will make it so. You have nothing to fear from this stage, because I will be here to walk you through every step of the way.

This is a really exciting time, guys!


So, what does it take to get your fantasmo gifts out to the world?

Introducing… The Passport

A three-month private class for people who understand that the most effective way to get through the door to paradise is via the Internet. This course is all about getting you and your new product offering online, and available for your fans to obsess over, love and send you fistfuls of cash.

It’s time to show the world you have ARRIVED!


What you will learn during the next three months:

First month:


Okay guys, this is a big one. In order to be able to create an income doing what you love, the easiest and smartest way to do it is with a website. These days, you can’t do much on your own without one. However, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare of unintelligible error messages. I am going to teach you how to build a professional-looking website yourself, that you can manage yourself, and it won’t be hell on wheels. I promise*. In this month I will hold your hand while you:

  • Decide what is important to have on your site and how it should look
  • Learn how to choose and register a domain name, choose and enroll with a hosting server, install WordPress, and build a starter framework site for your new business
  • Set up MailChimp email management system and connect to your new website
  • Discuss ecommerce options and integrate into your site
BONUS: All sessions will be screen recorded, so at the end of each session, I will send you a video of the class we just had. This will provide you the ability always to have a video tutorial of exactly what we did in class for your review later. Whoo hoo!
This class is for you if:

  • you have some technical aptitude, and are interested in learning more
  • you enjoy the idea of being in control of your website
  • you are prepared to be responsible for the result of your site-building efforts
  • you understand that after the class is complete you must solve any problems with your site on your own, unless you sign up for LIFTOFF

This class is not for you if:

  • you are only learning to build a website yourself because you think you will save money by doing it yourself
  • you are hoping I might end up making your site for you (nope!)
  • have have an unspoken expectation that all your technology questions will be answered for free after the class is complete (see: LIFTOFF)
  • you have no patience or interest in anything technological, and grudgingly put up with it because you feel you have to

The bottom line is, if you absolutely loathe technology, or are utterly terrified of it, then this class is not for you. It is a requirement that you want to do this yourself. I can’t fight with you about this. Your website is your income portal to the world, so you can’t hate it. It will be a giant part of your life, and you don’t want to hate a giant part of your life. Websites are complicated, regardless of what anyone might tell you, so if it is not in your wheelhouse to handle it, that is AOK. Pay someone to build and manage it, if that’s the case. Please do NOT enroll if you have great resistance to building and managing a website on your own. I can’t, and won’t, work with super resistant people.

Second month:


Once you’ve got your site up, you’ve got to put something on it! And now that you know who your ideal clients are, this is your avenue to talk to them. We are going to work together to create content that speaks to your potential clients in a way that causes them to take action. So in this month, you will learn:

  • what is your best medium, whether it is writing, video, imagery and/or audio
  • what you want to say to your clients, and what they want to hear from you
  • how to best present the product offerings you created
  • where to find great graphical content for your site

along with other content-related topics. Fleshing out your site with great content is imperative to attract and keep visitors and ultimately paying clients. We’ll go over different ways to create and add content to your new site in a way that your visitors will adore!

Third month:


Soooo… marketing. Yeah, you gotta do it. However, it doesn’t have to be a dreaded, hateful process. When you love what you do, bragging about it to the world is a snap. 😉 But it is important that whatever marketing route you go, it’s got to feel good to you. If it doesn’t, it won’t feel good to your visitors either. So in this month you will discover:

  • what types of marketing channels you like and want to work with
  • whether or not you want to use social media, and if you do, what are the best ways to leverage it
  • what kind of advertising, if any, works for you
  • how to create a launch plan for your site and ultimately your product offerings

What do you get during these three months?

  • personal research conducted by me based on the information that we uncover, that will result in tools and resources you will receive to help you move forward on your goals
  • 8 private, one on one coaching sessions with me (2 sessions per month, plus 2 extra during the website-building phase)
  • email support as needed
  • documentation and tutorials on WordPress website construction and theme implementation, MailChimp integration, and WooCommerce (if applicable)
  • 6 PDF workbooks that will include detailed, specific questions and exercises that will help you discover:
    • what kind of site design is best for your business
    • what kind of content you want to deliver and what your ideal clients want to see/hear
    • a marketing and launch plan that you will love and be excited to institute
  • surprise personalized gifts throughout the course!

So what happens next?

In order to make sure this course is for you, and that we are a good fit together, we will have a short introductory Skype call to go over the details. If you decide the program is not a fit for you, then there is no obligation to you, no questions asked.

This three-month course is one on one, meaning you’re the only person in the class. You have my undivided attention during this time.

It’s all about you, baby. No one else.

This course is intense, and there is a LOT of information and technical stuff to learn. This course is not for the tired or uncommitted. And at the end of it, you’re going to have an awesome website to brag about, that YOU built. Therefore, the investment for this course is


Get excited! We’re going to be focusing on YOU for three months! To move forward, please book your intro session by clicking below:

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You’re about to walk through the door…